Project Development, Management & Lender's Engineering Services

The businesses that exist under the company’s Project division are; Project Development, Project Management & Lender’s Engineering Services. In this segment, projects are either developed using internal capacities from concept to completion or managed for project promoters as direct consultants and banks as Lender’s Engineers. In whatever situation applicable, we always maintain a very high level of adequacy and reach to continuously enhance a client’s quest to possess a commercially sustainable and viable project.

Project Development

Energy Culture, has acquired sufficient home grown capabilities in relation to manpower strengths and intuitive skills, to determine the right path in delivering successful projects to her clients. Projects are often developed and delivered on turnkey, via employing the use of financial instruments, as security to convert all forms of credit and construction risks available on a client’s part into a performance risk burdened on Energy Culture. This type of engagement is pulled through after sufficient information relating to material specification, design configuration, structural drawings and all relevant approval documentation are thoroughly vetted for conformity with local legislation and internationally acclaimed standards, before a contract is signed and the applicable financial instrument is put in place, as an off-take commitment that in turn secures payment for the scope of work.

Project Management

We employ and adopt various techniques that gauge the quality of deliverables actualized in any project we manage, so that clients can understand the workings involved in development of each work package and activity carried out within specified standards and approved design configurations. Very tangible information regarding the progress and status of work is captured and collated in a simplified and non-technical language, before presenting as a routine update to clients. These updates are typically developed to have a consistent story line, that reflects the actual activity taking place on a given project site, so as to enhance the understanding of a project’s transformation.

Every project we embark on is evaluated for its overall consistence with each milestone attained and referenced to its applicable technical and commercial guideline, before ensuring that there is a conforming expectation with performance, planning and execution of the various activities under consideration. This process is carried out in form of a perennial milestone evaluation of the project’s lifecycle and matched against the value of funds disbursed to the project for actualizing a given scope of work.

A very professional project management approach is critical to achieving project success. Energy Culture employs a world class project management technique, combined with the experience of being a Project Developer and utilizing acceptable standards and codes used by regulators to ascertain the quality of work. The company works hand in hand with a project promoter’s team, to establish a workable structure that guarantees cost, duration and quality of a given project.

Lender's Engineering Services

In order to safeguard the interest of any financial commitments made towards establishment of a project, banks will often ensure that an independent party is appointed to generally alleviate the intricacies of projects or engineering and construction related risks on their behalf. In offering this service, Energy Culture has gathered experience in providing technical assistance to banks during project initiation, project planning, project execution and project closing. While rendering this service, our assignments typically cover; project supervision / monitoring, status reporting and expert advisory. All these accompany both the basic and specialized services we offer to clients in a broader perspective than what are currently obtainable from most of our competitors in the industry. We are very independent and fair in our assessment of each and every project, despite our overall skills and knowledge of other disciplines.

Our personnel in this area are able to meticulously monitor and evaluate very sophisticated engineering scopes during such assignments and provide an intrinsic value to the project execution / implementation process, as we benefit from the resultant value added to a client’s risk management activities. The company’s service in this area is delivered with very high assurances and commitments to support the overall progress and long term sustainability of any given project. This and other unquantifiable value additions are undoubtedly responsible for how projects are advanced in their operations and site characteristics, as they evolve through the different stages of the work delivered.

The quality of manpower Energy Culture dedicates to the field, are adequately kitted and well informed about the particular scope of engagement they are deployed to handle, before any mobilization is carried out. The company’s work tenets are constantly aligned with the given accomplishment strategies, thereby assuring clients’ of a profound willingness to satisfy their demands and prove the needed professionalism the business portend.