Oil Services

We provide specialized oil services to clients with an innovative solution that focuses on market trend and dynamics, while equitably allocating risks across the entire business spectrum, in order to promote long term strategic alliances within the industry. This segment of our business, oversees activities in oil supply and trading and general oil industry services.

Oil Supply & Trading

As an entity with a functional oil supply and trading advisory arm, Energy Culture has been structured to head towards a relentless pursuit of excellence as a means to bringing satisfaction to both existing and potential clients. The company offers trade advisory for oil products and gases in both the physical and futures market, with value created to maximize product synergies and optimization. The expert use of knowledge based information to harness a well-structured trading opportunity and other tailor made funding packages, has over the years supported the growth and transformation of this segment of our business. The random volatility that exists in today’s oil market, has brought about the company’s alignment with the market realities to support her understanding and preserve her core business values.

This arm of the company’s business is operated by a well skilled operational team that works closely with market analysts, major industry participants, ship owners, traders and financial institutions to gather the necessary insights, required to deliver a seamless outcome that mirrors the market trend. A highly qualified professional coordination is deployed to man the operations of the company.

The use of schedule planning capabilities and knowledge based dynamics, alongside an in-depth industry know-how and professional IT system has been developed to support the provision of an integrated end-to-end solution, tailored towards meeting a customer needs.

General Oil Industry Services

The Oil Servicing industry has evolved from being a purely petroleum drilling affair to an industry where other service providers can sustainable make a decent income and create multiple stakeholder values in. At Energy Culture, we ensure every opportunity that presents a value creation potential is critically examined and adopted for possible integration into our existing structure. This strategy has not only assisted the scale of our business, but has also enabled us possess a multi-segmental experience.

Our main areas of participation in the Oil Servicing industry, hover around;
(i) Provision of suitable equipment for commercial utilization by oil exploration and production companies and their various contractors and
(ii) Procurement of tools, machines, lubricants & production chemicals.

We are duly registered with the necessary authorities that regulate businesses in this sector and on the commercial side, have nurtured and maintained secured relationships with the several IOC’s (International Oil Companies), who have been responsible for the opportunities that this segment of the company’s business strives on.

Plans are currently in the pipeline to expand this business to a level where the required scale and experience can be gathered to integrate further into oil exploration and drilling services.