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Legal Business Name
Company Formation
Private Limited Liability Company
Company Description and Nature of Business

Energy Culture Limited (“Energy Culture or The Company”) is a Nigerian registered provider of business solutions to clients in need of services in the areas of:

Project Development Services
Project Management Services
Lender’s Engineering Services
General Oil Industry Services

The company serves a variety of clients and provides solutions in the aforementioned business segments, through her fully operational office in Lagos and correspondence office in London, respectively. The company was incorporated on the 6th of November 2006, in Nigeria; under the Company & Allied Matters Act (CAMA) of 1990 with registration number RC: 671783 and commenced business during the same year.

Our primary clients include; financial institutions, manufacturing businesses, retail and distribution companies, oil & gas companies, logistics companies and Governments.

The activities carried out by the company are managed and operated by individuals that possess various experiences in the field of both local and international project development, management and advisory services.

Prior to formation and commencement of business, the principals of the company were adequately acquainted with the workings of several industries, under the employment and tutorship of highly placed first-class corporations.

As a very reputable entity, Energy Culture has developed an exquisite name within both the local and international business community and has immensely promoted and championed a good number of ventures within Nigeria.

Under the current corporate philosophy, the company has been engineered to head towards a relentless pursuit for excellence, as a means to bring satisfaction to both her existing and potential clients, while laying special emphasis and genuine concerns to business norms, ethics and adherence to very high safety and environmental procedures.

To remain a relevant emerging market professional, Energy Culture has continuously developed innovative business models, focused mainly on developing new products and employing strategies that will enable a spread of scope in today’s very sensitive business environment.

The random volatility and instabilities that exist in today’s business space, has brought about the company’s creation of a niche to protect her survival and core business values. The company has grown organically through the ranks by adapting to changes in economic and political policies, as these changes evolve.

Ahead of such situations, Energy Culture has also built up solid alliances with other professionals in relevant fields, to constantly keep her abreast of happenings and as well enable the creation of a well-structured product and service that present interesting benefits to the markets served.

It has been proven over time that the key to building a successful business venture, lies in the expert use of information and design of meaningful strategies to assume a favorable position at all times, while ensuring that an opportunity is created to enable free maneuvering and effective decision making.

With adequate harnessing of available solutions, Energy Culture has constantly promoted long term strategic alliances through actively arranging and delivering the needed value to clients’ end-use activities. It is indeed a strong conviction of the principals that the firmest pillar upon which to sustain a business is a well skilled strategic dynamism.

Sensible and equitable risk sharing between us and other stakeholders we do business with remain stable and balanced, considering that the company always creates the platform to consummate a mutually beneficial coexistence.

Energy Culture has been organized to ensure a constant positioning to take full advantage of the ample opportunities available to provide the lacked solutions in her operational environment. This is possible given the quality of management, consultants, suppliers, clients and staff working with the firm. From records, the company’s workforce has been quite dynamic, responsive and continuously improving, while the promoters have remained slim, focused, and result oriented in every aspect of the business.

There exists a lot of service and team sharing; most decisions are made out using the committee style. A Cross multi-disciplinary perspective is been given to every challenge based on the strong conviction of how experiences and early information on most issues in a diverse business environment are the best sources of solutions to them.

However, our dedication to long-term relationships with clients and associates, have enabled us acquire a highly effective global intelligence capability that provides the luxury to leverage and interpret shifts in political and economic policies, before responding to them.

Structures that enable the management team assess various situations from all possible angles are also being employed to provide a near faultless solution to obstacles. A high number of the management personnel are seasoned professionals in their fields, who have acquired the specialist knowledge and expertise in providing solutions to the difficulties faced by others. Their individual skills are reinforced by the strength of the team spirit that characterizes the Energy Culture approach to business.

The company’s survival and enterprise success has been the strength developed over time, through communication and co-operation with several local and multinational entities. This has however created opportunities to maximize product synergies and offer competitive quality services to various clients.

As at date, Energy Culture is a choice provider of solutions in energy, oil services and infrastructure development and this position has been supported through maintaining a good relationship with a number of private and governmental organizations within and outside West Africa.

With the volume of business handled from inception and the experience gained over the years, the owners of the business decided to expand the company’s operations in 2010, from being a mere solutions provider to only oil and gas clients, to an internationally diversified solutions provider that caters for a broader clientele list, which spans over several industries.

As at date, Energy Culture has participated in providing solution based services to several big names in West Africa, while complying with set guidelines of the various host governments and local communities, to establish processes, using expertise that eliminate the apparent risks surrounding the business environment.

In surmounting clients’ problems, Energy Culture organizes an in-house team of various professionals to spear-head the company’s operations.